Deep Rock Galactic: The A-Team Trophy Guide

Want to get the A-Team Trophy? Get to kicking that barrel!

Becoming space dwarves and defeating alien enemies is fun, even more with your friends! The A-Team Trophy is one of the trophies you can get that requires some barrels in your base. Find out how to get the trophy using this guide!

How to Get the A-Team Trophy — Deep Rock Galactic

Before you start, call on a friend and go to your Spacerig or your base. Use the elevator to get to the second floor of your base.

Follow the series of red tunnels to your right and you will see multiple blue barrels on the floor.

Begin kicking the blue barrels towards the ledge until it drops down to the first floor of your base. You can also have your friend drop down the barrels for you instead to make things easier.

Go back down to the first floor and kick the blue barrels into the Drop Pod. Place the barrel into the seats of your teammates.

You will need to have four blue barrels placed into the seats to get the A-team Trophy.

Note that Mission Control will try to stop you from placing the barrels but just keep going and you’ll eventually claim that trophy!

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