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Tales of Arise: How To Get Spherical Shell

Where to get Spherical Shells!

A Spherical Shell is an item used to craft weapons. You need this item to craft the Crude Sword for Alphen. They also have a value of 60 Gald each. This is a great item for early-game weapons and extra Gald.

Spherical Shell Locations

You can get a spherical shell by defeating Armadillo enemies. You can find the Armadillo enemies all over the train tracks on Sandinus Ravine. You can also find Armadillo enemies on Store Block 1F and Store Block 2F in Fagan Ruins.

Both locations are in Calaglia:

  • Sandinus Ravine, Calaglia.

  • Store Black 1F and 2F, Fangan Ruins, Calaglia.

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