Dying Light 2: Center For Stage IV THV Study GRE Quarantine Building Guide

Navigate your path among swarms of infected in this quarantine building!

Dying Light 2 offers a new perspective on the post-apocalyptic world from the Harran Virus. Like a Pilgrim, it is your job to survive and find resources for other survivors. This guide will show you how you can complete the Center for Stage IV THV Study mission.

GRE Quarantine Building Guide – Dying Light 2

The GRE Quarantine Building is one of the experimental buildings in Europe that has been used to look for a cure. It is your job to scavenge inhibitors inside and upgrade your stats.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this building is crawling with infected during the day so be sure to do this at night.

Enter the area through the tent entrance and go down the ladder to your left. Head right to the blue door and enter the door to the north. In the next room, crouch underneath the table and head to the north exit and turn left.

When you reach the room with a crouched infected, sneak around and you will find two doors on your left. Lockpick the second door farther from you with blue highlights.

Enter the room and you will find the inhibitor right next to the door. Go out of the room and enter the blue door to the north. Keep sneaking to avoid alerting the infected.

Open the elevator with a red light to your left and go down the shaft. In the next room, open the blue door and keep going north then turn left.

Crouch under the table and wait for the walking infected to pass. Lockpick the blue door to the north and the inhibitor is inside.

Get out of the room and head to the exit to your left, following the hallway until you reach the staircase. Head down the stairs and open the blue door to your left.

The inhibitor is on the lower floor inside the doors as seen in the photo above. Use the open door to the north to hide from the lurking infected and lockpick the other blue door while the infected are distracted.

Get the last inhibitor and run back to the open door to get out of the building.

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