Dying Light 2: Double Time Guide

Can you parkour faster than anybody else? Try doing the Double Time side quest to test your skill!

Sprinting and parkouring are a huge part of the gameplay in Dying Light 2. One of the side quests you can complete in the game is called the Double Time. This side quest tests your parkour and sprinting skills against an NPC.

Double Time Guide – Dying Light 2

To start the quest, head to the northern part of Houndfield to see an NPC called Dude. He will call you slowpoke and challenge you to a race. If you agree to the bet, you need to bet 200 cash before starting the race.

When the race begins, head north and you will see a yellow tractor. Jump on the metal platform and keep heading north until you reach the roof. Head north then turn left, jumping down on the ground.

Keep heading north, following the small green metal railings on the ground. Head inside the building and back out, turning left and entering the open green gate on your left. Open the blue door and enter the building.

From here, just follow the arrow signs and use the yellow bar on the air to get to the upper floor. Keep following the signs and climb up the ladder to reach the rooftop. Now go to the southern part of Houndfield to get to the next quest area.

When the second race starts, head north then climb the green roof, staying on the edge. Once you are on the wider platform, turn right and you should see a building with the letter R on it. Jump down and enter the building.

Follow the arrows again until you reach the ladder leading to the roof. Defeat the infected attacking the guy and talk to him on the roof to finish the quest.

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