Dying Light 2: Garrison Electrical Station Puzzle Solution | Broadcast Mission Guide

We have an electrical situation over here!

There are a lot of missions in Dying Light 2, and some of them are essential to the story. The Broadcast Mission is one of the story missions where your goal is to take control of the antenna in the city and broadcast anti-renegade propaganda.

Broadcast Mission Guide – Dying Light 2

Start tracking the story quest and go to the substation area to start the mission. You can go inside the substation by following the yellow arrow drawn on the brick wall. There is an entrance with the letter A beside it.

Enter the door and pull the cable on the green socket to your right. Put the cord on the red socket AB to your left. Push the button next to the gate to open the door. Pull out the cord from the red socket AB earlier and put it on the next red socket near the B door.

Push the button beside the door to open it and run to the north until you see the yellow tube as seen in the photo above. Climb it until you can see a hallway opening to the left. Follow this hallway and you should see another green socket.

Put the cable inside and open the yellow gate with a staircase inside. Get a head start and jump on the platform across from it. Climb up and you will find red socket C. Place the other end of the cord inside it.

Get out of the room and push the button to open the door to the north. You will see Socket 2 so pull out the cord from here and replace it with your own cord. Go down the staircase until you reach the very bottom and swim over to the red socket 2.

The water will be electrified so jump over the boxes to your right until you reach the vent.

In the vent, turn left and keep following the vent to the north until you reach a fork. Turn left again to go back to the room with electrified water.

Once you are in the room, jump over the wooden crates across the water until you reach the staircase back up. Pull out the cord on green socket C near the yellow gate and jump down.

Put the cord on red socket 1 to reactivate the substation.

And that’s it! You can now broadcast the propaganda!

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