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Dying Light 2: THV Genomics Center All Inhibitors Locations

We are in the search for inhibitors! Keep your eyes peeled!

Inhibitors are one of the necessary resources when it comes to upgrading your equipment. One of your missions in Dying Light 2 is to collect inhibitors for your equipment. This guide will show you all the inhibitor locations in the THV Genomics Center.

THV Genomics Center Inhibitor Locations – Dying Light 2

Enter the THV Genomics Center and drop down inside the restricted area.

NOTE: If this is your first time doing this mission, it is important that you do it at night because it will be filled with infected during the day.

  • Enter the blue door and follow the yellow wiring then turn left. Head north a bit and then open the door to your right for the first inhibitor.

Head to the right door this time and open the elevator door to get access to the lower level.

Open the door to your right and head to the north of the room. This room is filled with zombies so be careful not to alert them.

  • You will see another door to your left, right before the exit filled with spores. Lockpick the door to get another inhibitor.
  • Now head back out to the room and use the farthest door to your right. Follow the yellow wire again and open the door. Jump across the gap and enter the door as shown above to get another inhibitor.

And that is all the location of the inhibitors in the THV Genomics Center!

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