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Infiltrate the garage easily with this simple guide!

The Vehicle Recovery Contract is one of the new missions you can get in GTA 5 Online. You can unlock this mission by using your computer in the VIP Room. This guide will show you how you can enter the garage during the Vehicle Recovery mission. 

Enter the Garage — GTA 5 Online

After accepting the task in the agency, you will get a call from Franklin. Answer the call and you will need to go to the quest area to the south, near the salon. 

You will get a mission that says to go to Davis. Keep following the quest tracker and you will encounter a closed-off garage. You need to enter the garage to continue with the mission. 

Get off your vehicle and follow the path to the north, near the gas station. You will see the back part of the building from this side. 

Go to the back part of the building and climb the red ladder leading to the roof. After climbing the red ladder, go north and jump down to the garage that was closed off earlier.

Enter the door to the building and you will finish the first part of the Vehicle Recovery mission.

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