FFXIV: Island Sanctuary – Animals & Garden Guide & Infographic

Farm expensive materials with magic!

Ever wondered what’s the closest thing Stardew Valley could’ve looked like if it were in 3D? Well, you’re in luck, Final Fantasy XIV lets you create your own personal paradise with patch 6.2. That’s right, you now have exclusive access to your own private island where you can sow crops and take care of various wildlife that differs in size greatly!

It’s going to take a lot of work to bring this island to life, so naturally, a guide has been put together to let you in on what you need to grow to keep your pets happy!

Island Sanctuary: Animals & Garden Guide & Infographic – FFXIV

You can get to the island by speaking with Baldin in Lower La Noscea, a few quests will be made available as well once you reach rank 9 and have all the required buildings in place.

With over 30 different species to take care of it would be rather confusing to get a proper start on the island so here’s an infographic that you can keep on the side so you won’t lose track of anything.

Source: The Phookas

Further interaction with the local fauna can be made possible with three different items depending on the size of the animal you’re trying to tame. You also need to increase your Sanctuary Rank as you progress in order to unlock better restraints.

Here’s what you’ll need in order to craft them:

  • Makeshift Net – For small animals, can be crafted using 1 Island Branch and 2 Island vines.
  • Makeshift Restraint – Basically Bolas, used for Medium sized animals, requires rank 6. Craft this item using 3 Island Hemp and 1 Island Copper Ore.
  • Makeshift Soporific – For Large animals, requires rank 8. Can be crafted with 2 Island Laver, 1 Island Sap, and 2 Island Jellyfish.

Equip the restraints you just crafted by simply switching to capture mode. Now that you’re ready to go on the hunt, the only thing to worry about now is where to find your target.

Well, the infographic just happens to have all of that marked down as well.

Source: The Phookas

Here’s a map of the entire island with all of the different species that you can go after, they only gather in certain areas under specific times and weather conditions. It’s as if they behave just like animals!

While waiting you can just focus on building a cabin over at your hideaway, you’ll be needing this place for your crops later on anyway.

Source: The Phookas

In order to keep your pets happy, you’ll obviously need to keep them well-fed. There are different kinds of feed that can be crafted with all the crops you place on your island.

Keep everyone’s spirits up and you’ll be gathering leavings and other rare materials in no time.

To upgrade your cropland you’ll be needing Seafarer’s Cowries and a bit of patience since upgrading takes about 2-4 hours, not to mention growing the crops takes even longer with 48 hours. But that just gives you enough time to keep on exploring your private island!

If you would like to know more about making the most use of the land you got then go and give The Phookas a visit.

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