FFXIV: Guide to Eureka in 2023

That’s a lot of farming to do!

Final Fantasy has been holding strong in the MMORPG genre despite that part of the gaming sphere declining over the years. It’s well earned though since they’ve been releasing constant content updates for the players to enjoy and the fan base are always happy with these releases. From new quests and stories to new raids, areas and events, Final Fantasy 14 is still one of the best MMOs out there. With the recent update there’s even more to go through and in this guide we’ll show you how to do the Eureka quests and zones on the newest update!

Guide to Eureka in 2023 | FFXIV

If you want to unlock your relic armor then you’ve come the right place. First off you’ll need to do the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” if you haven’t done so yet. This quest can be found after you do the Stormblood Main Story Quest.

Of course we won’t go there unprepared as well. If you’re a melee job then you should get some Cryptic Seals and if you’re a caster job, get some Damascene Cloth. These items lets you buy an armor piece from the Nostalgic Fellow NPC that gives you elemental bonus that you’ll need later on in Eureka. Also pick up some Potions of Harmony while you’re at it for that sweet Elemental EXP bonus as well.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need your Level 70 Job Weapon since that’s the weapon that’ll transform to a Eureka Relic. If you tossed that out somewhere you can buy it from the Calamity Salvagers.

Once you get into Eureka don’t forget to Attune to the Athernet Shard at the start since it doesn’t automatically attune. While you’re in Eureka you also have a Magia Board and that’s the Elemental mechanics of the place. Enemies in Eureka have elemental affinities and you can use the board to give you an edge. As you progress through Eureka you can get more Magicite that’ll let you put more into the affinities.

While in Eureka you can do challenges, usually these challenges involve defeating monsters of specific elemental affinities. There’s a lot of them out there and most players use 3rd party sites like Eureka Tracker to keep track of all of them.

There’s a lot to do in Eureka and I’m sure you don’t want to read a novel so here are some general tips when leveling there.

  • Attune to all the Aethernet Shards for easy traveling around.
  • Once you reach level 10 or higher, join a Fate Train, you can do so by asking in chat to add you to a party. Don’t be scared to ask questions, most people will help you out.
  • Dying in Eureka will delevel you, instead of respawning ask players to revive you. You can even use the <pos> command so that people can find you. There’s always people out there to help you out.
  • Around the map you can find Elemental Faeries that will give you some Regen and an EXP boost that lasts for one hour. Players usually ping where they are in chat for everyone to go to.

Eureka has 3 main zones and each one of them can be quite different from the other one. The First one will be Anemos, then Pagos, Pyros and finally Hydatos. Here are some tips for each zone.


  • You’ll need Pazuzu Feathers to Augment your Eureka weapon. You can do the Pazuzu fate if you’re level 19 or higher. You can also buy them from the Expedition Birdwatcher with Protean Crystals.
  • Main Eureka quests won’t have markers on where to go, you can check other online guides on where they can be found.
  • You can get Anemos Lockboxes when doing Fates, turn them in to the Expedition Lockpick to get some cool stuff, like glam or a mount!
  • The Maximum Level for this zone is Level 20.


  • You need to be level 20 to get here but it’s highly suggested you get here at Level 21 or 22 because the mobs are tougher.
  • Players often save their Challenge logs for Pagos because it’s the toughest zone in the bunch.
  • Enemies can mutate in Pagos which makes them tougher but also gives you more XP and a better chance of getting rare lockboxes!
  • Rush to Level 25 and do the main Eureka quests to get a Kettle which you can use to get Frosted Protean Crystals that you’ll need for your relic.
  • Navigating the Fate Train in Pagos can be difficult because there’s a lot of cliffs you need to fall into, just do your best in following the other more experienced players and don’t forget to ask if you don’t know how to.


  • Go here when you reach level 35.
  • This area will introduce Logos actions, which gives different effects depending on the Logos. You’ll need Logograms to use them though and you can get them by doing stuff in Pyros like defeating mobs and doing fates.
  • One of the more important logos is Reflect, which reflects magic damage back to the ones attacking you. You can do Reflect farming where you fight Elemental sprites that are higher level than you, use Reflect and watch them kill themselves!
  • Don’t fight enemies that are 8 or more levels higher, the XP is greatly reduced when doing so.
  • Farm Pyros Crystals for your Eureka Weapon and 5 Penthesilea’s Flame which you can get from the Fate boss of the same name that you can get rewards from Level 49 or higher.
  • You need at least 30 Logos actions discovered to complete the zone.


  • The Final Zone of Eureka, get here when you’re Level 50 or higher and have done the Eureka Main Quests.
  • You can jump straight to Fate trains in this one.
  • Reflect Farming is still good in this area so if you want to go with that to reach level 60 then go for it.
  • Level 60 is the max level of this zone.
  • At Level 59 try to do the Ovni Fate that can reward you with 10 Hydratos Crystals, which is the highest crystal reward in Hydratos.
  • You’ll need 350 Hydratos Crystals for your Eureka Weapon and an extra 150 for the Armor.
  • You’ll also need Crystalline Scales which is a reward at the Level 60 Provenance Watcher Fate.
  • When you get to Level 60 and finish the Eureka Quests you can start going to the Baldesion Arsenal raid.

Congratulations you now know how to go through the different zones in Eureka, now go out there and start farming for those cool weapons and armor!

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