Final Fantasy XIV: Inventory Management Guide

Get that broom because we’re cleaning your inventory!

We all know how horrible your inventory is in video games. All those potions you’ve been hoarding that you’ll never use, the materials that you kept on saying you’ll sell but really don’t. Not to mention the 10 billion gear drops you’ve been hoarding even though it’s not even for your class! Inventory management is a skill in video games, and should be taken seriously!

In Final Fantasy 14 your inventory can easily fill up without you knowing. In this guide we’ll show you some tips and tricks to keep that inventory looking prim and proper and hopefully stop your hoarding tendencies!

Inventory Management Guide For Final Fantasy XIV

So you’ve been through a lot of the Main Story Quests of Final Fantasy 14, or you’ve been doing all the side quests. Maybe you’ve been doing a lot of resource gathering and crafting from the many crafting quests the game has to offer.

You look at your inventory and you see something horrible and disgusting and you close it. You know you’ll have to check your inventory again at some point right? That’s why you need to manage your inventory!

Sell the Stuff You Don’t Need!

Let’s face it, do you really need to hold on to those low tier materials? You’re crafting like 4 tiers above it already, you’ll never use them. Even if you did they’re so cheap in the market that you can just buy them when you need them!

Same goes for weapons and armor, I know you’ll level up another job that uses that weapon but are you going to level it right now?

Sell the stuff that you don’t need! Through a vendor or through the market, just anything to keep your item count low!

Use Alternate Inventories

Retainers can be used to store certain stuff, like reagents for crafting or furniture for your house if you’re one of the lucky ones that have them. Make sure to use your retainer inventory to your advantage!

Don’t want to go back and forth to retainers to use your inventory? Don’t forget you also have a Chocobo Saddlebag, a great place to store the ‘currency’ items that you use for different events in the game!

Armoury Chest and Gear

Don’t forget to go to your settings, inside Character Configuration there’s an option to store all newly obtained items in the Armoury chest. By default that’s on so when you get gear that isn’t for you, you’ll have to go the Armoury chest!

Make sure to turn that option off so you can easily sell that gear that you don’t need. No more fumbling around different menus, it’s just there in your inventory! If you don’t want to sell the gear for Gil you can always sell them for seals as well!

Congratulations you now know some great tips on how to manage your inventory better in Final Fantasy 14, now go out there and try to do it yourself! Keep that inventory easy on the eyes and clean!

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