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Halo Infinite: All 5 Propaganda Tower in Lockdown Area

Destroy all the Propaganda Tower in Lockdown Area!

The Propaganda Towers are one of the things you can destroy in Halo Infinite. Destroying them can give you 10 Valor. This guide will show you where you can find all the Propaganda Tower in the Lockdown Area. 

Destroying the Towers

Before you start destroying the Propaganda Towers all over the map, you can purchase a vehicle called Wasp. The Wasp costs 2600 Valor points and while it is not cheap, the vehicle makes it easier to explore the map and destroy towers. 

Propaganda Tower Locations in Lockdown

The first Propaganda tower is in the middle of the map of the lockdown area. You can find the second Propaganda tower on the northeastern part of the map, near the cliff. 

Go past the mountain on the northern part of the map and you can find the third Propaganda Tower here. The 4th Propaganda Tower is on top of the mountain on the southernmost part of the island. 

The Last Propaganda Tower is on the east of the 4th Propaganda Tower, below the mountainside. You can find it on top of the stone pillars in the area.

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