For The King 2: How to Get Pre-Order Bonus

Hey, I thought I paid for this!

For The King 2 has finally launched and fans are excited to get into the game. This includes getting their hands on the pre-order bonus that provides them with extra cosmetics and a great Soundtrack. However, some players have been having issues with getting this bonus when booting the game up.

This is not ideal, especially since many players paid in advance to get access to this extra content. Not to worry, we have you covered. In this guide, we will show you the steps you need to follow to get the pre order bonus if it isn’t showing up. Soon enough, you will be able to don your Cosmetics and listen to the Soundtrack. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Pre-Order Bonus

Some people have not had their pre-order bonus items loaded in. This has led to panic with them thinking that they might have lost out on the items they paid for. Since it is a pre-order bonus, you can’t get the items if you purchase the game later.

Pre-Purchase Exclusive Rewards list for For The King 2.

If you are not getting these items when you boot up the game, we suggest that you close it and return to the Steam client.

After that, simply relaunch the game and check if the bonus is available or not. This is because there is currently a glitch where the rewards don’t load in immediately.

You will need to relaunch the game a few times in the Steam client until the rewards finally show up. After a few tries, you should have access to these fantastic items that you paid for! You will see that this did not mean that you lost out on your bonus.

For The King 2 in Steam Client.

The Pre-Order Bonus for For The King 2 Features some fantastic items. It includes the Primordial Oak Cosmetic Set and a Soundtrack. Here is a list of items that you should be able to get when you launch the game:

  • Primordial Helm
  • Primordial Armor
  • Primordial Backpack
  • For The King 2 Official Soundtrack

And that’s how you can ensure you can get the Pre-Order Bonus in For The King 2. The items not loading in is simply a glitch and does not mean that you have lost out on your bonus. Just try relaunching the game a few times via the Steam client and you should have your bonus in no time! 

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