Frozen Sewers/Ratone Guide for Across the Obelisk

Smells bad, and it’s cold. A great combination.

There is a new update for Across the Obelisk right now that allows players to enter some cool dungeons that challenge them. Besides the Wolf Wars DLC, this update is completely free so that players who cannot afford to get Wolf Wars will be able to have something to do in the meantime.

The Frozen Sewers is one of the new pieces of content that’s been added to the game, and oh boy is it difficult. However, with this guide, you will be able to overcome the challenges of the sewers and stand victorious.

Across the Obelisk – Frozen Sewers/Ratone Guide

How to Access the Frozen Sewers

Source: Corydonn

In order to access the Frozen Sewers, you will need to start from the beginning of Act 1 and make your way to the Main Road.

There should be a Common Event there that says “A grave on the road”. Interact with the event and you will get a key that will help you unlock the entrance to the Frozen Sewers. 

There is also a Cheese there that is marked. This Cheese will help you unlock the Steel Fishing Rod, but this is entirely optional.

Source: Corydonn

Once you have the key, you will have to save it until you make it to Act 3. At the bottom part of the castle, you can see that there are two entrances.

Both entrances will lead you to the Frozen Sewers, but the first entrance is considered the easiest because you can use the key you got earlier to get in. However, if you do not have the key, you can have Heiner or Gustav open it for you.

The second entrance, on the other hand, will require you to roll to get in. Three of them require characters, which are Zek, Ottis, and Cornelius.

You can choose which entrance to enter, so it’s entirely up to you. But I do recommend the first entrance because of how easy it is to enter when you have the key.

Boss Fight

The Frozen Sewer features a boss named Ratone. This boss is very strong and can take a lot more hits than your usual boss.

He features an impressive amount of resistance towards most of the attacks available, but he does have a weakness against Fire and Holy, so it’s important to have some party members that can deal damage with those elements.

There are also some cards that you really need to have before you attempt this boss because it will make the fight that much easier:

  • Heat Wave
  • Prismatic Field
  • Mass Dispel
  • Ray of Hope

Huge thanks to Corydonn for the information about the Frozen Sewers and its content. If you want to see a more detailed guide on how to go about the Frozen Sewers and fight Ratone, you can check out his YouTube video that explains the whole thing.

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