Across The Obelisk: Is The Wolf Wars DLC Worth It?

The question when buying anything for a video game: is it worth it?

If you’re like me, then you probably have to think really hard about making a purchase with anything video game related. A million questions go through my mind when I think of buying a new game, or the DLC, or even the special editions that are a bit more expensive.

Do I need it? Will I have enough money for my bills? Can this run well on my PC? Will I have fun or will I get bored after a while? Is it worth it? If you’re thinking of buying the World Wars DLC, then we can answer that for you.

Is The Wolf Wars DLC Worth It? – Across The Obelisk

The Wolf Wars DLC contains a story flashback to the Wolf Wars, which takes place 10 years in the past. Not only do you get that, but you can also get a new playable character named Yogger, some new hero skins, and some new pets as well. Now, how do you access the Wolf Wars DLC and get all of the goodies? You play the DLC repeatedly.

The Wolf Wars DLC is not accessible from the main menu. Instead, you will have to play through Act 1 to reach Yogger’s Diary, which is located at the top right of Act 1. There is no way to access this DLC anywhere else, making access to the DLC hard. Even then, is it really worth it if you think about all of the content you are getting?

You will be paying nearly $10 just for 40 to 50 minutes of story content, a new DLC character, pets, and some hero skins. Some people may gladly pay that price for that content, and some people would think twice and wait for a sale to do so. If you are desperate for new Across the Obelisk content, then I suggest that wait until the DLC is on sale.

The DLC is not bad by any means, but paying that much for that little content in 2023 doesn’t sound smart. Other games offer more content for the same price. But again, if you would rather just play more Across the Obelisk, then go right ahead. You are buying more from a game that you enjoy, so there’s no real loss here.

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