Across The Obelisk: Gustav Guide

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Across The Obelisk Gustav Guide

New characters for your party are always a great thing to have, it gives the player a lot to choose from. A new character can spice up the narrative or change the way you play with your RPG party. Maybe you found a character that you really like and plan to use often because of it. Some characters enter the party and offer new ways to play the game and such. Heck, there’s even a trope in video games where a big boss enemy joins your party after they get defeated. In this Gustav guide, we’ll be talking about a hero you can get in Across the Obelisk.

Gustav Guide For Across The Obelisk

There are a lot of characters you can unlock in Across the Obelisk. Some of them can have their own unique playstyles and skills that you need to know to get the most out of them. Other characters have unique abilities and mechanics that they can use, while others can be much simpler and more direct. Gustav is one of the characters that can be quite unique in terms of design and in gameplay.

To unlock Gustav, you’ll first need to finish Act 1, once you’ve done that then choose the green portal at the end of act. Once you’re in the green area you’ll have to head to the Lonely Rock, remember to buy the boat for 800 gold before going to the Lonely Rock to actually get a path there. Don’t worry when you accept the quest you’ll get your 800 gold back.

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Source: WhackinPhoenix – YouTube

After doing that you need to finish Act 2, then travel to the blue portal. From there you can get to the mansion at the rightmost part of the map to get another character event. When doing the event choose the [Continue] option and that will unlock Gustav.

Across The Obelisk Gustav Guide2
Source: WhackinPhoenix – YouTube

Gustav is a pretty well-balanced character, they can do buffs, deal damage and even debuff the enemy. If you’ve played as a bard in Dungeons of Dragons 5th Edition then you’ll know that Gustav will be a jack of all trades.

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Source: WhackinPhoenix – YouTube

When talking about Perks, maximizing your energy under the General Tab is always a great idea, but at the very end of the perk you should choose the second option that gives you +1 energy replenishment at the start of round 2, this will be important later. For now, maximize energy and speed.

Across The Obelisk Gustav Guide4
Source: WhackinPhoenix – YouTube

Under the Physical tab Maximize slashing damage as well as taking the perk that keeps pierce up.

There’s only one perk you’ll want in the Elemental Tab and that’s the Inspire perk, pick the second option. This option limits your inspire by 1 but each inspire gives you two card draws instead of one.

In the mystical tab is where you can see the Stanza perk, get the second choice which gives the hero one stack of inspire at the end of the turn which pairs well with the perk above. Remember to also maximize mind damage and insane stacks.

Here are the cards that are great to have with Gustav:

  • Chant of Initiative – Upgrade to give Stanza 1 to another party member
  • Sarcastic Sonnet – Upgrade with lower cost
  • Song of Celerity – Upgrade to innate
  • Vexing Crescendo
  • Shiv – Upgrade to give insane stacks
  • Chant of Accuracy – Upgrade to yellow

When buying items look for upgrades to your instrument like the Flute. Also get any item that will increase your mind damage. There’s not really an optimal pet for Gustav so any damaging or Utility pet is a good addition.

Congratulations you now know how to use Gustav in Across the Obelisk. Now go out there and sing songs annoying your enemies! Many thanks to WhackinPhoenix for showing everyone how to build Gustav, if you need more information check their video out here: Gustav Guide – NEW Perks, Starting deck, How to unlock and Playstyle – Across the Obelisk – YouTube

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