Genshin Impact: Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location

Where’s the seahorse hiding?

Genshin Impact: Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location
Genshin Impact: Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location

Neuvillette havers searching for the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact shall wander aimlessly underwater no more. Located underwater in Fontaine, you might have been wondering how exactly to find him as the book says nothing about it. We’ll show you the way into the cave where this elusive, Electro seahorse is!

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location

The Millennial Pearl Seahorse is located within the newly released region in Fontaine, Liffey Region. It’s underwater, but don’t worry – the fight is still on a surface. With that said, you can’t just dive and find the boss right below you.

NOTE: You can get the Fontemer Unihorn (Character Level-up Material) from this boss.

You can use the closest Waverider to to this point, or swim your way here while getting the chests and finishing the puzzles on the way. When you dive into the waters in Liffey Region, look for a cave entrance with a Fontaine’s Current that you can ride.

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Genshin Impact: Millennial Pearl Seahorse Location

That current will automatically take you to the boss cave where the Millennial Pearl Seahorse is sleeping. For the fight, you’re going to benefit a lot from bringing a Cryo team. Alternatively, Hyperbloom team with Dendro DPS can also break its Electro core.

Be careful of the Resonant Coral Orbs it spawns where it’ll float above you. Break them with dendro or cryo characters. Good luck grinding the boss!

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