Dying Light 2: Search For a Safe Place to Sleep

Look for a safe place to spend the night for the Pilgrim’s Path quest!

Dying Light 2 never fails to keep players’ hearts thumping with the action-packed, post-apocalyptic world. As you progress, you will encounter quests that are relevant to the main storyline. One of the main quests you will encounter is the Pilgrim’s Path quest.

Search for a Safe Place to Sleep – Dying Light 2

The Pilgrim’s Path quest will teach you the basics of the world of Dying Light. After learning how to use your survivor sense and how to collect resources, you will get your first weapon. After getting your first weapon, it is time to experience the city for yourself.

Your first goal is to reach the antenna in the city. Keep following the quest marker, dealing with the infected until you can reach the building. Once you are in the building, it will be nighttime, and you have to find a safe place to sleep.

Climb the metal pipe on the left side of the building and jump on the wooden platform to the left. Enter the room and collect some scraps using your survivor sense.

You can also find a Raggedy Chopper on the table to your left.

Enter the open room to your left and investigate the footprints using your survivor sense. Move the drawer to reveal the entrance to the broadcast station.

Now you can rest without any problems!

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