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Genshin Impact: The Serpent’s Heart South Island Luxurious Chest Location | Hidden Luxurious Chest

It’s time for some treasure hunting!

There are a lot of hidden quests and rewards in the Enkanomiya region. If you are planning to make your Enkanomiya progress 100%, you may be wondering where the hidden chests are. Here is one of the Hidden Luxurious Chest locations in the Serpent’s Heart.

Serpent’s Heart Hidden Luxurious Chest Location — Genshin Impact

Go to the southernmost teleport waypoint in the Serpent’s Heart Island. The teleport waypoint is on the small islet that branches off the main island to the south. Once you are there, glide down and go to your left, you should see a mechanism that changes Evernight to Whitenight.

Change to Whitenight and go to the back area, where you should see a series of walls and a triangular statue in the middle of it. Hit the triangular statue twice until the wall moves twice.

Go to your right and you should see a yellow glowing tree. Head towards it to get its energy andswitch back to Evernight.

Now you will see that there is a wall blocking off the area. Go to the very edge of the cliff to get to the area from before and put the Whitenight energy into the triangular statue.

Hit the statue once and you should gain access to a Luxurious chest in the room.

Easy right? Now, get on with it. More chests await!

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