Serin Fate: Beginner’s Guide | Tips & Tricks

Become DECENT at this harsh game!

Serin Fate… If you’ve seen this promising indie on Steam recently and bought it thinking you’ll play some Stardew Valley 2, then you’re wrong. The game is hard, in ways that it intended too, and in ways it didn’t. But that’s the fun of it, no? If everything was a cakewalk in life, we’d give up on it in an instant. So, in this quick and succinct guide, we will give you some tips and tricks to have a more enjoyable ride in Serin Fate’s harsh world!

Beginner’s Guide | Tips & Tricks – Serin Fate

Since some people have some really absurd problems, and some have some serious problems, we will go chronologically with the tips, in order to help you beginners in the most efficient way.

Getting Out Of The House

You might either laugh or be really happy to see this title, but we’ll tell you how to leave the house in a sentence, so you won’t have a problem many players have.

You need to get 3 things in order to leave the house, the map in the bedroom on the right, the red notebook in the big room and the Witchery Dex you find in the room on the left, upstairs.

Just a random tip here: you interact with stuff by pushing the “E” keyboard.

Equipping What You Got

After the start of the game and talking to Coco, you’ll get a familiar and an item, based on your choices.

You’ll have to equip them to actually use them by pressing “I” on your keyboard and dragging the item/familiar, after you’ve opened the Equip tab, to their places.

So drag the item on the hand and the familiar on the animal looking slot.

You should do this with every item you ever wish to use. I never thought I’d have to say that out loud…

Press E On Everything

A really useful tip for rookies is that you should interact with everything you see. Random flowers, pieces of wood on the floor, bushes, stuff like that.

You will get a lot of useful resources by doing this, and there is no stamina, so just go with it.

Using Magic

Aha! The part everyone was waiting for! Using magic is pretty interesting. You should have learned a spell at the beginning of the game when you talked to the mirror.

To use it, you’ll first need to click your middle mouse button. This will open up the menu. Select “Note” and then “Spells”.

You’ll see here the spells you know and the combination of runes you need to do to use the spell. You’ll have to click on the little tab that has a red arrow pointing to it in this picture:

Select the signs in the order you saw them in your spellbook in order to activate the spell. Then just select the thing you want to use it on and you’ve done your first spell!

To buy new spells, you’ll need a ton of money and you can get them from the Witch’s Guild Library. That’s in the town South of your house.

Regaining Mana

Now, you might run into mana problems from using too much magic… That’s no problem, because you collected everything you saw, right?

If you have flower petals in your hotbar, select them and then push the Spacebar, you’ll regenerate 1 mana for every petal! You can see how they look in the picture above. The orange, white, blue petals.

You get these petals by collecting flowers.

Also, when night comes, go to sleep. This will regenerate your whole mana. You will have an out of body experience at night, just click E on your sleeping body to wake up.

Getting/Doing Quests

In the beginning, if you tried to pass the wood bridge to the Southeast of your house, you’d have met Ruby. She will give you tasks at the start.

To get quests/tasks, go to the mailbox across the bridge that has an ugly looking bird over it. If the bird is there, that means that you have mail.

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