GPO: Everything You Need to Know About Update 9 Guide

Here’s a quick guide about Update 9!

Based on the popular One Piece franchise, Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game where you hunt for treasure and fight pirates all around the world. The game’s 9th update recently came out, and it features a lot of changes. With that said, let’s go over all of the new things that you need to know about.

Credits go to revolver agz for the comprehensive breakdown of all the changes, as well as the images I used for the guide.

Everything You Need to Know About Update 9 Guide

First of all, upon logging in, you will immediately notice a series of flags popping up in your compass on the top of the screen.

GPO Flags

This is due to how they added a feature to allow crews to capture them to gain more infamy and notoriety. Each member of the top 50 crews will also receive an exclusive weapon known as Ace.

It should also be noted that a server will require at least 6 players and 2 other crews, otherwise, no rewards will be given for capturing islands.

GPO leaderboard

Halloween Island

The Halloween event added in this update takes place on Translyvania, which is somewhere to the west of the map.

In this map, you will find an NPC named V Kirishima, The Shadow of Halloween, who will require you to have the Dullahan race, which has its own fighting style and is a limited addition that will require you to get very lucky while spinning.

You can also buy outfits from previous events in this location, just in front of where V Kirisihima can be found.

GPO V Kirishima

Impel Down Raid

They also added the Impel Down Raid in the Second Sea, which allows a group of up to eight players to enter as a party. The island where it’s found is not marked in the map, so you may need some help going there.

Basically, from the entrance of the Colosseum of Arc (which is marked by a flag in the compass), simply sail straight north and you will eventually reach the Impel Base.

GPO impel down raid

Vampire Fighting Style

Also found in the Second Sea, you can find the Vampire Fighting Style trainer by sailing over to Thriller Bark, which is marked by a flag in the compass.

The trainer, which requires you to have the Vampire race, can be found on the eastern part of the island, to the right of the castle.

The Vampire race itself will require you to get lucky with rerolls, though it has a slightly higher chance of obtainment compared to Dullahan.

GPO blood queen

New Weapons

Various new weapons were added with the update, with most of them having some flashy aesthetics and potentially powerful abilities. Some can also be purchased from the ingame store.

Here is a list of some of the weapons that were added in the game:

  • Hollow’s Great Sword
  • Hollow’s Halberd
  • Ace
  • Black Pitchfork
  • Stark Gun
  • Kessui
  • Raiui
GPO new weapons

Other Quality Of Life Changes

There were also several quality of life changes that came with this update, including Devil Fruit pity, which guarantees one legendary fruit for every 100 pulls.

An ELO system was also added to PvP game modes, which is essentially skill-based matchmaking that will allow you to fight players of the same skill level. Conquest was also added as a game mode.

GPO PVP Game modes

A gifting system was also added to the ingame store, which will allow you to buy various items and boosters for other players.

Speaking of other players, party members also have a green outline now to easily distinguish them from your opponents during combat.

GPO party highlight

Geppo was also nerfed in a certain manner. Basically, whenever you are carrying somebody, you now only jump a short distance away.

You can now also change the color of your Haki using a color wheel system, allowing you to further personalize your character.

GPO change haki color menu

Finally, a Bleach-themed battle pass was added to the game, with various outfits inspired by the said anime series.

GPO season 3 battlepass

That’s basically all you need to know about Grand Piece Online’s 9th update. There is a lot of new content to explore, so start grinding up to unlock them!

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