GPO: How to Get to Impel Down Location | Update 9

How exactly do you get to Impel Down?

Grand Piece Online just got its 9th large update, which added various bits of new content in the game, including the brand new Impel Down raid, which is a tough challenge that has some rather appealing rewards. With that in mind, how exactly can you get to the island where you can attempt it?

How to Get to Impel Down Location | Update 9

To make your way to the island where the Impel Down raid is located, you must first travel to Thriller Bark in the Second Sea. From here, grab a boat and simply sail to the northwest.

GPO sailing to new island

Eventually, you will reach the Impel Base area after sailing in this direction for a significant amount of time. For the sake of convenience, don’t forget to set your spawn point there once you make it to the island.

Another way to get there is by sailing straight north from the Colosseum of Arc, which you can find by checking the flags that appear on the compass on the top of your screen.

There you have it! For more details about the Impel Down Raid, make sure to check out our GPO: Complete Impel Down Guide | Update 9.

GPO Robo NPC in new island

And that’s all you need to know in order to get to the new island. It’s a relatively short trip from either location, and the new raid can be found immediately to the north once you enter through the gate!

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GPO: Complete Impel Down Guide | Update 9

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