Grime: How To Reach Gardens

With a bit of Pull and Parry!

So, you’re playing this hard, hard game called Grime, right? It’s pretty neat since it’s very unintuitive most of the time and you have to think for yourself. But some of us need a more straightforward way of doing things. That is the problem when you want to reach the Gardens. The way there is a labyrinth in itself. Fortunately for you, we know how to get you there and how to explain it easily so that even rookies of the metroidvania genre could understand.

How To Reach Gardens – Grime

You’ve defeated the first 4 big bosses that stood in your way. Great! Unfortunately, you don’t have the purple orbs ability and can’t enter the Gardens.

Well, here is how you get to Gardens in Grime:

  1. Head to the Palace.

  2. Go up the stairs and pull the platform you have summoned with the help of the lever.

  3. Make the platform move to the right and parry the spikes that attack you.

  4. Once you’ve reached the Eastern wall, jump and pull the platform up after you.

  5. You will find the ability at the end of the room.

  6. Go back to the Palace and find the elevator.

  7. As the elevator goes to the top floor, teleport off on the floor the elevator doesn’t stop for.

  8. Once there, make your way up the platform, using pull to to get it over the gaps in the track.

And that is how you make it to the Gardens! It’s a pretty roundabout way to get there, but it’s the only way.

Now you can get back to fighting the next huge boss you were so excited to fight.

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