Does Grime Have Ultrawide Support?

Let’s see it at its max capacity!

Games sometimes aren’t really up to date with the newest of technologies. Surprisingly, even newly released games tend to miss some really important upgrades of these last generations. Grime, an Action 2D Rpg that just came out on the 2nd of August could or could not be a sinner in regards to what we just talked about. Gamers and their huge screens deserve proper respect. Let’s see if this game does them justice.

Ultrawide Support in Grime

Quite recently, I’ve discovered this game’s beautiful and gritty graphics, along with its intuitive and nicely crafter UI.

Seeing that this game has the option for a huge resolution, I looked and found the 3840×1600 option.

So I did what everyone would do and turned the graphics to 3840×1600. You know, the industry standard… And as a proper reviewer, of course I have a Ultrawide monitor…

Ok, maybe I didn’t do that, but the developers themselves have responded to this question with images showing that the UI has perfect scaling for Ultrawide screens.

They showed that the 1080p and the Ultrawide setting look the same. That is great news for the 120 fps master race.

Other gamers on the forum have also supported this statement, saying that their settings have also worked perfectly and that the game is fully optimized for Ultrawide screens.

Now, let’s just see if killing monsters with live weapons is as satisfying on a big screen, as it is on a normal screen!

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