Gray Zone Warfare: Solo Guide On How To Make Money Without Tasks

Who needs Tasks anyway when you can just farm some cash!

As a soldier in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll need to take the best items available with you to ensure your survival. But how are you supposed to get the best items without money? This can especially become an issue when you’ve finished all the tasks and quests you have in the game. After all, grinding in the game solo can feel like a brutal experience. Don’t worry, you do not have to feel stuck at all. In this guide, we’ll show you a great way to make money solo without having to deal with tasks. Soon enough, you’ll be raking in all the cash!

How To Make Money Without Tasks

There is a common misconception from players that there’s no reliable way to make some good cash once you’ve finished all the Tasks in the game. This is not the case at all, and we’ll dive into a farming method for getting cash in Gray Zone Warfare.

In case you haven’t finished all the tasks and are stuck somewhere we’ve got you covered. Check out our List of All Mithras Tasks guide to see how you can complete all of them. With that said, let’s get into the farming method of making money solo without completing tasks.

Initial Preparation

Starting off, you’ll need to make the right preparations for the money farming method. So, for this one, you’ll be heading to the Vendors that you can find at the Base Camp of your respective faction. Once you’re here, you’ll be talking to Handshake. We recommend that you have Handshake progressed to at least Level 2 for this method.

After that, you’ll be getting some items from Handshake. If you already have these items, then you can forego them. Here are the items that you want to get in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • A large backpack – An AMP12 Backpack works great as it has a Container size of 20.
  • Strong body armor – The Elite 4 or Recon works best as they have a Container size of 12.

You can get even better items if you have Level 3 vendors unlocked. For example, there’s a Delta Backpack from Level 3 Turncoat available with a huge 36 Container Size

Check out our Max Level Vendors Best Items guide to see what else they have in store for you.

Buying items from Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare.

Finally, we recommend that you bring some decent amount of ammo alongside your preferred weapon. This is because you’ll be fighting quite a few AI enemies. Additionally, bring along a scope. This will make the fights much more manageable as you can pick off enemies from a distance. After all, you are solo, so you won’t have help from anyone else.

However, make sure that you bring along the least amount of items possible. This is so you can make room for the loot that you’ll be cashing in for this farming method without doing tasks.

Inventory for Farming Money in Gray Zone Warfare.

Farming Strategy Explained

Now, we’ll explain to you exactly how this farming method works in Gray Zone Warfare. When you fight enemies, they typically have a gun that is part of their dead body’s loot.

At times, you’ll come across the default CQ A1 Rifle. You can actually detach the CQ A1 upper barrels from these and sell them to Gunny for a really good price. One of these barrels sells for $258 each which is a really good amount.

Selling CQ A1 Upper Barrels to Gunny in Gray Zone Warfare.

We’ll be showing you how to detach the barrel later on in the guide. First, we’ll show you how you can actually farm CQ A1s in Gray Zone Warfare so that you farm many of these barrels.

There are many locations in Gray Zone Warfare that are suitable for this farming method without tasks. Here are the locations that we recommend you go to:

  • Fort Narith (best spot)
  • Ban Pa
  • Hunter’s Paradise.

You’ll come across many enemies here that will have CQ A1 rifles as loot. We recommend that you go to the outskirts of these areas and find spots that have many AI enemies. For example, we have some common locations marked for you in the Fort Narith spot. But if you like the other locations, you can find similar spots for them as well!

Just make sure to not go too deep into these areas. You’ll come across more enemies at more difficult angles. And if you die, you’ll have to do the run all over again. So avoid unnecessary risks if you can help it since you are playing solo!

Fort Narith Enemy Spawns on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

Farming Strategy Execution (CQ A1 Barrel Detachment Method)

Once you’ve gone to any of these locations, stay on the outskirts. Make sure that you have a scope on your weapon and look around for enemies. Our Best Weapon Builds guide has some great weapons outfitted with scopes that you can try out!

Don’t ignore the borders as there can be enemies sometimes hiding next to walls. In this way, you can simply stay outside these zones and pick off enemies from a distance. Once they’re dead simply approach their body and loot them.

Fighting enemy with scope in Gray Zone Warfare.

You won’t be able to find the CQ A1 rifles on all the enemies. However, keep going through them and you’ll eventually come across a decent amount of CQ A1 rifles.

Looting dead enemy in Gray Zone Warfare.

Once you have a CQ A1 rifle, you’ll be detaching the barrel off of them. To do this, first select the CQ A1 rifle from your inventory or the dead body’s inventory and select the Inspect option.

Inspecting weapon in Gray Zone Warfare.

After that, you’ll be able to see all the parts on the gun. Navigate to the top row of the parts and select the second one in that row. This part will say CQ A1 Upper on it. Click on the CQ A1 Upper and select the Detach button. Doing so will give you the CQ A1 Upper Barrel. You can now place it in your Inventory.

Detaching Upper Barrel in Gray Zone Warfare.

The larger the backpack, the more barrels you’ll be able to fit in your backpack. This is why we recommend that you get the biggest backpack that you can in Gray Zone Warfare. After an around 15 minute run in Fort Narith, you can get around 5 barrels or even more depending on your backpack size and the items you bought. Now you can safely extract and return to Base Camp.

Sell the Barrels to Gunny and you can easily make $1000+ or more by selling these barrels after these runs. See, we told you that you wouldn’t need any Tasks to make money! You didn’t even need friends as you can do all of this solo!

Multiple CQ A1 Barrels in Inventory in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about making money in Gray Zone Warfare solo without any tasks. We recommend that you continue to farm this method until you’ve gotten your target money. Also check out our Fresh Meat III Task if you’ve found yourself stuck at it as it is a later task.


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