Grounded 1.4: All New Weapons in the Fully Yoked Update

What are all of the shiny new toys included in this huge patch?

With the release of the 1.4 update of Grounded, the developers have finally released a New Game+ mode and a plethora of other new features. Among the new stuff added to the game are a whole bunch of weapons, and in this guide, we will be showing you all of the ones that have currently been discovered.

All New Weapons in the Fully Yoked Update

A while back, the Grounded community predicted what may be coming with this update, and they definitely got a few of them right.

Some of the correct predictions were weapons, as around 20+ new gear pieces were added in the game! In addition to that, they all seem to be tier 3 equipment. Let’s quickly go through what each of them are.

Grounded player about to start a New Game+ run

How to Unlock All of the New Stuff

Before you can craft these new weapons, you must first go through New Game+. This means that you must first complete the main story, among other things that will require a huge time investment.

Once you have unlocked the ability to do this, you will be replaying the entire storyline in an alternate universe. There are actually additional steps involved as well for some of the new weapons, but we’ll get to the specifics later.

With that in mind, once you have gone through the arduous process of starting a New Game+ playthrough, you can now start unlocking the recipes of almost all of the new weapons. Each gear piece will cost a lot of Raw Science to unlock.

One thing to note is that each weapon will have a specific REMIX.D Level requirement, which indicates how many times you need to go through New Game+ in the save file. It’s going to be a rough grind!

Grounded science shop showing some of the new additions

List of New Weapons

Before we start listing down the new weapons that were added into Grounded 1.4 and heavily incorporated into the New Game+ mode, let’s get one thing clear first.

This will likely not include every single new addition to the game. This is because there are supposedly tier 4 gear pieces that have yet to be discovered by the community.

We are unsure of how to get them either as of writing this article, or if they exist at all. We’ll just have to wait for the more hardcore members of the community to finish grinding through higher NG+ levels.

  • Salt Chipper – A pickaxe of sorts that is made out of salt. It has the Finale Bleed effect that inflicts the bleed status on enemies on your third attack.
  • Pepper Flake – A spicy candy axe that has the Finale Fury effect, which will grant you a temporary attack speed buff on every third strike.
  • Frosted Flake – A minty candy axe that also has the Finale Fury effect.
  • Fresh Edge – Yet another minty axe that also has Finale Fury.
  • Blazing Edge – A spicy axe that, you guessed it, has Finale Fury.
  • Tingle Tongue – A sour candy sword with a wavy blade. It has Finale Parry, which buffs your parry window after every third strike. This also grants you bonus damage upon executing a perfect block.
  • Sour Katanga – This is another variant of the sour candy sword with a straight blade, just like a katana.
  • Fresh Coldtana – It is a minty candy sword that also has Finale Parry.
  • Breathslayer – It is just another minty sword with the Finale Parry effect as well.
  • Picklemaul – A sour candy sledgehammer that has Finale Aftershock, which creates an area of effect shockwave after every third strike.
  • Wallopeno – A spicy candy hammer that also gets Finale Aftershock.
  • Pucker Thumper – A giant club made out of sour candy that also has Finale Aftershock.
  • Sizzle Striker – A spicy candy variantof the giant club that gets Finale Aftershock as well.
  • Ant Queen Staff – Made out of fire ant parts and shoots acidic goo. Particularly good for damage dealing, but it is not considered to be the best of its kind.
  • Ant Queen Scepter – Made from the red ant queen’s parts and increases summon HP.
  • Ant Queen Repair Tool – Made out of the black ant queen parts, this one, as the name implies, is particularly useful for repairing structures. Not so much for combat.
Grounded player's inventory with some of the new weapons in the game

The Ant Queen items in particular will require some extra steps that involve finding and crafting recipes for various types of offerings, and you’ll need to be in a New Game+ playthrough for some of them.

The specifics of the process reach far beyond the scope of this guide, however. Just know that you will be dealing with all three queen ants if you want to get every bit of new equipment in the game, including the infected stuff.

And that is all of the currently known new weapons in the latest update of the game. As people continue working towards uncovering all of the new secrets that were added, you may want to check out our guide on how to get the Red Ant Queen gear in Grounded 1.4 in the meantime!


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