Gunsmith Part 13 (Patch 0.13) – Mechanic Task Guide – Escape From Tarkov

Gunsmith Part 13: The Gundalorian.

We are now at part 13 of the gunsmith chronicles, because hoo boy there are a lot of requests from the mechanic. You would think that the mechanic, with how many resources he has, would be able to customize his own guns to get what he wants, right? But then again, we won’t be able to get the sweet resources that he is offering in exchange for the guns he wants.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete the 13th gunsmith task.

Escape From Tarkov – Mechanic Task Guide

Customize a Remington R11 RSASS Marksman Rifle

The gun we need to tweak and modify here is the Remington R11 RSASS marksman rifle. This sleek-looking rifle is already an impressive piece of weaponry, but the mechanic wants it to be even better than that. Which is where we come in.

Here are the parts you need to modify the gun:

  • Lobaev Arms 30mm Scope Mount Jaegar LL2
  • EOTECH Vudu 1-6×24 30mm Riflescope Skier LL3 (Barter)
  • Remington RAHG 4 Inch Rail Mechanic LL2

  • BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Foregrip Mechanic LL2
  • Silencerco Hybrdi 46 Thread Adapter Peacekeeper LL2 / Mechanic LL2

With this powerful piece of weaponry now decked out with its modifications, the last thing to do is to submit this bad boy to the mechanic and call it a day.

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