Gunsmith Part 14 (Patch 0.13) – Mechanic Task Guide | Escape From Tarkov

Gunsmith Part 14: The Phantom Gun (forgot about this title).

Jump back into Escape From Tarkov’s gunsmith tasks with this guide. Here, we are going to be finishing the 14th part of the tasks the mechanic gives you if you want to get some resources in exchange for a customized gun.

Doing the gunsmith tasks is one of the easiest ways to get resources. If you’re wondering what’s happening, then you should probably go to part 1 of this series. If you are here for part 14, then let’s get started.

Escape From Tarkov – Mechanic Task Guide

Customize an HK 416A5 Assault Rifle

For part 14 of the gunsmith tasks, we are going to be customizing the HK 416A5 assault rifle. This powerful piece of weaponry is going to need a makeover before we can submit it to the mechanic.

Here’s what you need in order to turn it in:

  • Take out the Gas Block out
  • Magpul UBR Gen2 Stock (FDE) Peacekeeper LL3
  • Colt AR-15 Stanag 30 Round Magazine Peacekeeper LL1
  • AR-15 Magpul MOE Pistol Grip (FDE) Peacekeeper LL3

  • HK 416A5 5.56×45 11 Inch Barrel Mechanic LL3
  • Midwest Industries 9” MLOK Handguard Peacekeeper LL3
  • Magpul Gen2 Flipup Front + Rear Sight Mechanic LL2
  • Put the Gas Block back on

  • AR-15 Surefire SF3P 5.56.x45 Flash Hider Mechanic LL2
  • Surefire RC2 5.56×45 Sound Suppressor Found in Raid / Flea Market
  • Magpul M-LOK 4.1 Inch Rail Mechanic LL1 (Barter) / Mechanic LL2
  • Magpul RVG Foregrip (FDE) Peacekeeper LL3

  • Magpul M-LOK Cantilever Mount Skier LL2
  • LA-5B / PEQ Tactical Device Mechanic LL4
  • Eotech EXPS3 Holographic Sight (Tan) Mechanic LL4

Once you have the gun completely modified to the specifics of the mechanic, then you can go and turn it in and earn some resources.

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