Hades 2: How To Increase Grasp

A witch needs her Arcana Cards!

In Hades 2, you are cast as a witch named Melinoë, the Princess of the Underworld with her sister of Hades protagonist Zagreus. The game is a single-player, roguelike dungeon crawler game with heavy combat, set in and around the Underworld of Greek myth. The protagonist, being a witch, uses Arcana cards and to have more cards equipped you need Grasp. This guide will tell you how to increase grasp in Hades 2. 

How To Increase Grasp

You start Hades 2 with 10 grasps. You can increase your grasp limit by spending your psyche. Psyche is a resource that’s earned by clearing encounters. Here, I’ll show you where you have to go to increase your grasp. First, scroll over to your picture that’s shown in the image below and click on it.

Arcana cards in Hades 2

The little box at the middle bottom of the screen will show you the required amount of psyche to increase grasp. Below the box, you’ll also see the available amount of psyche that you currently have.

Arcana cards in Hades 2

Note: Some cards have no grasp cost. They are instead activated by an “awakening”. You also need to meet a certain set of pre-requisites to equip it. 

If the following message has popped up for you, this means you have insufficient psyche to continue increasing grasp.

below limit message for grasp in Hades 2

But don’t worry when you see this message, it’s not over yet. You can simply get more psyche and get back over here to continue increasing grasp. There are a couple of ways you can obtain more psyche and I’ll show you how.

Obtaining Psyche

You’ll eventually get psyche as you play the game but if you’re actively looking for it, there are some ways you can get them.

Reward for Clearing an Area

Psyche can be obtained as a reward when you destroy all enemies and clear up an area. It’s important to choose the path that mentions you’ll get Psyche as a reward for clearing the location.

Clearing an Area in Hades 2

Tablet of Peace

Take your tablet of peace where you meditate on the training grounds of the Crossroads. You can obtain Psyche by luring wandering spirits you find. You can only find these spirits if you have the tablet of peace equipped with you. 

Crafting tablet of peace in Hades 2

Buy From the Wretched Broker

For many, there’s no need to buy psyche because the game rewards you with them as you progress. But if you’re in a bit of a rush and you need it to immediately increase grasp, you can head to the wretched broker and purchase the required amount of psyche from him. 

Buying Psyche from wretched broker in Hades 2

The Broker will offer psyche in exchange for Bones. This shop will be available to you after you purchase the Incantation and Summoning Mercantile Fortune, at the cauldron.

Grasp Explained

Hades 2 introduces Tarot Arcana cards to you, a new mechanic that allows the protagonist of the game, Melinoë to become stronger in many ways. Each card requires a certain amount of Grasp. This is a resource unique to the system and can fill up pretty fast.

Psyche in Hades 2

Unfortunately, the method to increase grasp isn’t very apparent in this game. Some have even spent 8 hours without discovering how to increase grasp. But if you’re new to the game let me explain to you what grasp exactly is. 

Grasp is the max amount of Arcana you can equip and your grasp meter determines the amount of Arcana Cards you can equip at the same time. You’ll notice how each Arcana Card comes with a grasp cost, which ranges from one to five. Better cards are typically associated with a higher grasp cost. 

You can unlock Arcana Cards by interacting with the stone slab at the entrance of the room right before you embark on your run. And that’s pretty much all you need to know to play the game more efficiently and make the most of it! While you’re here check out this guide to a more laid-back game, Find The Jellybeans: How To Get Code Jellybean!


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