Hades 2: Machine Gun Witch Staff Build Guide

This build will turn your normal Witch Staff into a magical Machine Gun!

Hades 2 is an awesome roguelike action RPG which is the sequel of the original Hades. It is currently released as Early Access on Steam and chances are it will also come to consoles when its official version is launched. This guide will tell you about the most insane DPS build you can get in this game. It is the Witch Staff Machine Gun Build. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Witch Staff Machine Gun Build Guide

The reason this Witch Staff build is called Machine Gun is that this build literally turns it into a machine gun. Which is why this build does an insane amount of damage per second. There is no other weapon in this game that can reach this level of DPS. The first thing that you will need for this build is the Witch Staff and luckily it is the Default weapon that you can get when you start out. So this build is accessible even to new players.

Weapon Aspect

The Witch Staff has 3 Aspects and the one you need for the Machine Gun Build is the following:

Aspect of Momus

Aspect for Witch Staff - Hades 2: Machine Gun Witch Staff Build Guide
Aspect of Momus (Witch Staff Aspect).
  • You recover 5 HP when you are hit by your own Omega Special attack when your HP is below 50%.
  • Your Special and Omega Special power is also increased by 20.

Turing Witch Staff into a Machine Gun

This is going to be really important so pay close attention. You need the following Boon to make your Witch Staff Special attack work like an actual machine gun:

Double Moonshot

Double Moonshot - Hades 2: Machine Gun Witch Staff Build Guide
Double Moonshot (Special Boon).
  • Each of your weapon’s Special attack will now fire 2 projectiles instead of one. This is what actually makes your weapon act like a machine gun.
  • This is the single most important element of this Build.
  • You can get this Boon from Daedalus Hammer.

Other Boons to Make Your Machine Gun More Powerful

Following are a couple of Boons that will make your already powerful Machine Gun into something even more epic. It is going to be pure insanity after this.

Wave Flourish

Wave Flourish - Hades 2: Machine Gun Witch Staff Build Guide
Wave Flourish (Special Boon).
  • This Boon will make your Special attacks hit enemies with a Splash that causes damage and knocks other enemies away.
  • The amount of Splash damage done depends on the rarity:
    • 20 damage if Common.
    • 30 damage if Rare.
    • 40 damage if Epic.
  • You can get this Boon from Poseidon.

Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope (Passive Boon).
  • The Splash effects caused by Poseidon will now inflict Slip on enemies.
  • The following Slip Bonus Damage will be done based on rarity:
    • 5% if Common.
    • 10% if Rare.
  • You can get this Boon from Poseidon.

Crashing Wave

Crashing Wave
Crashing Wave (Passive Boon).
  • When you have this Boon, any enemy that you knock away into a barrier will create a Blast in that area.
  • The damage done by the Blast is 50.
  • You can get this Boon from Poseidon.

Swift Flourish

Swift Flourish
Swift Flourish (Special Boon).
  • With this Boon, the Speed of your Special attacks will be increased.
  • The the amount of Speed increase received depends on the rarity:
    • 15% increase if Common.
    • 18% increase if Rare.
  • You can get this Boon from Hermes.

This is it for this guide, you now have the recipe for pure destruction. Go ahead and wreak havoc in the underworld. One other build that is also pretty good is the Cast Build. If interested in it, check out this guide: Hades 2: Best Cast Build Guide.


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