High On Life: Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood Achievement Guide

Remember to pay your bills!

High On Life is the newest game to release this month and it’s not like any other FPS game out there. You can probably tell from first glance since your gun is glancing right back at you! From the Co-Creator of Rick and Morty as well as Solar Opposites comes a game that blind sided a lot of people and will surely make for a good laugh. The game features a wide array of guns that have their own personalities, quips and abilities as you try to become the best bounty hunter there is. With the game also comes achievements you can hunt for and in this guide we’ll show you how to get one of them!

Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood Achievement Guide For High On Life

For a game that prides itself with its humor and wit as well as the goofy aesthetics of the game, the game also has some really interesting and fun achievements to get. There’s not a lot of achievements in the game compared to other games but each one of them is filled with character, just like your guns. This is how you get the Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood Achievement in High On Life.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

At one point in the game you get to eat at Applebee’s while talking to your gun Kenny, don’t worry that’s totally normal in this game. You’ll need to then quickly go out of the establishment and in most games you just run out and do your thing. Well on the table there’s actually your bill and to get the achievement you need to interact with the bill before going out of Applebee’s. You don’t want to dine and dash after all!

Congratulations you now know how to do this achievement in High On Life, now go out there and try to do it yourself! Many thanks to 100% Guides for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: High On Life Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood Achievement Guide – YouTube


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