What Happens If You WATCH THE BIKE – High on Life

Where’d the bike go?! It was here a second ago..

This bicycle scene sparked some curiosity when people tried to get an alternative result, besides watching the bike and inevitably losing it.  We haven’t had much luck with that either though!

High on Life – What Happens If You WATCH THE BIKE

After testing this quest for hours, we and the entire community really came to the conclusion that there is nothing that you can do in order to change the course of the quest.

No matter what you do or for how long you stare directly at the bicycle, the second you turn away from the bicycle it’s going to disappear and the NPC is going to approach you and start bashing you for losing his bike.

There is no secret reward for going through this interaction – there is no other outcome but this one.
The main thing you do get out of this though, is a laugh. The rant the NPC goes on after you lose it is quite funny, albeit rather vulgar.. It was still worth a shot though, waiting with the bicycle on the off-chance that there is another possible outcome besides him ranting.

Like I said, vulgar.. Sorry about the bike, we really tried to keep it safe!

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