High On Life – What Happens If You Choose RED or BLUE Door

What is this, the Matrix?

Choosing between two things can have a pretty big impact on stories. Obviously, there’s the Matrix with the red pill and blue pill, which is probably what High On Life is referencing to in this little interaction. On your way to the Slums, you have to get past these two guys who are the Slum Security. But, they have to make you choose in a very important part of the story that will decide the fate of the game (I’m being sarcastic, it’s not an important choice).

What Happens If You Choose RED or BLUE Door – High On Life

It doesn’t really matter which door you choose, but you do get some funny dialogue

If you choose the blue one, he starts rubbing it in the red guys face that he’s the better looking and hotter person between them. Red guy starts feeling sad about it, so you have another dialogue option to change your mind and say red’s the hot one. But if you stick with blue guy, then his ego becomes inflated and starts insulting red guy before opening the door.

But, if you choose the red guy, he starts feeling good about himself. His confidence getting a boost while the blue guy goes through denial, saying that you can be honest and say he’s the hot one. Like before, you will have another dialogue option. Choosing red again will make red feel good about himself and open the door, while blue guy goes through a meltdown.

Choosing one will make the other one lock their door to you, but it doesn’t really matter because both doors lead to the Slums either way. It’s just a matter of who you like better (personally like red better, he’s a nice guy).

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