High On Life: Toilet Warp Disc Puzzle Solution

Solve the Toilet Warp Disc puzzle by following this guide.

High On Life may seem (and sound) familiar to those who are avid fans of Rick and Morty. Well that’s because the creator of Rick and Morty, as well as their voices, is the creator of High On Life as well. The crude humor and nasally voices are the true signs of a Justin Roiland project, and his creativity shines through in this game. In this guide, we will be focusing on the disc puzzles that you can do in the game, specifically the Toilet Warp Disc.

Toilet Warp Disc Puzzle Solution – High On Life

Align the tubes

This puzzle requires you to help someone take a dump, all the while she talks about how excited she is to take a dump after holding it in for a year (gross and unnecessary, that’s how you know it’s made by Justin Roiland). To help speed up her defecation process, we have to align the tubes that are connected to these wheels that you need to shoot in order to move them.

You can start from any tube of your choosing, but you have to make sure the ones we are showing here are in the right place. First off, there is one you can shoot that’s below the toilet.

On the left side, there is a wheel you can shoot here.

 On the right side of the puzzle, there will be a tube that you will have to connect to either the left side or the right side. Shoot the wheel to make the tube go on the right side.

Right next to the last tube, there will be one here as well.

Go up top, next to the defecating lady, and look to the right. You will see a tube here that you can shoot.

Jump down and go to the right side (left if you are facing the defecating lady) and shoot the tube that’s above here.

If you have been following this guide, the last tube you should be shooting is the one that connects to this septic tank. After connecting the last tube, the defecating lady will let it rip, completing the puzzle.

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