HighFleet: How To Launch Attack Planes

Throw fighter planes at your enemies!

HighFleet has been on the radar of many of the strategy genre enthusiasts. It finally came out a few days ago, so all the content related to it is still fresh. So that is why you might still not know how do to this and that. Luckily for you, we are here to help you. Today, we will show you how to launch fighter planes out of combat in HighFleet!

How To Launch Attack Planes – HighFleet

Here is how you can launch planes at your enemies in HighFleet:

  1. In game, or better yet, in battle, after pausing, click the arrow on your lower right.

  2. Select from your aircrafts the fighter plane you want to use and the weapons you want to use for it.

  3. Click the missile you wanna use as many times as planes you want to deploy.

  4. Click where you want to send the fighters on the map.

Easy, right? Now your fighters are attacking left and right like there’s no tomorrow!

Oh, but wait! You don’t have missiles, do you? Here is how you buy yourself some:

  • Land you ship in a city / friendly place
  • At the vendor, drag the screen to the right and you’ll see a lot of bombs and missiles
  • Click on the ones that intrigue you, slide to decide the amount you want to buy and select “Buy”

After you got them, you just need to wait for a few hours or days, you know how it is, and the planes will be updated and will have the choice to use the new bombs / missiles!

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