HighFleet: How To Use Long Range & Nuclear Missiles

Be prepared for the worst…

If you’ve heard of HighFleet, then I have to tell you that I’m happy. There are not many quality strategy games coming out lately and this small game was a surprise. Living in this post apocalyptic world can be quite hard, especially if you don’t know how to do something so important as throwing long range missiles left and right! Fortunately for you, as always, we got you! Here is how you do this easy task, and, maybe, throw the world in nuclear fallout!

How To Use Long Range & Nuclear Missiles – HighFleet

So, this is pretty easy. First of all, get into your game. Ok, ok, that was unnecessary.

In your top right corner, when you enter combat, there are some switches and a “Launch” button. The whole panel is called Missile Control. Pretty intuitive, right?

On the round button next to the switches, hover your mouse there and start using your scroll button to select the missile you want to use.

Depending on the amount of missiles you have, you’ll see more red switches have a yellow light over them. You can only send 4 missiles at a time.

Turn on the switches for the amount of missiles you want to send out and click on the enemy you want to hit.

After this, just click the wonderful “Launch” button to the right and you’ve done it! Long range missiles are on the way!

Now, if you want to start a nuclear war, select a nuclear missile from the missile choices, it usually has a big nuclear sign at the end.

Now, we would personally advise you to not use them, unless you’re in the worst possible situation ever. But if you do, it’s the same mechanic as normal missiles.

It’s just that you may get asked if you’re sure you wanna do this. Just say yes and witness nuclear fallout. Secure your people after the fight if you don’t want people dying of radiation.

Just get ready though. The game will change a lot from now on…

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