Minecraft Dungeons: Best Range-Melee Build

Become a hit and run master!

When the developers of Minecraft decided to do a dungeon crawler rpg a few years ago, nobody thought they could do something proper. Now, with many DLCs coming out every so often, you will need make your character a god with just its passives! How would you do that? Well, build it properly, of course. Here is a guide to help you make a character that won’t be touched by anything in this whole game!

Best Range-Melee Build in Minecraft Dungeons

Now, we are only gonna talk about the equipment you should have to start playing this style. How to get everything you need will be up to you though.

Let’s see what you’ll need here:

  • Living Vines Armor

    This one is amazing since every time you roll, the enemies will be trapped and poisoned. A pretty big buff for someone rolling around all the time. It will also reduce the time between your rolls.
    As for the enchantments you should get for it are Shadow Surge, Tumble Bee and Poison Focus.
    These will help you gather souls when you’re in shadow form, great for healing, summon bees every time you roll, which is a great combination with the armor, and great poison damage.

  • Encrusted Anchor

    This one is basically an axe that makes a lot of damage. Now you might think, it’s slow! And you’d be right. But remember that if you roll, you’ll have companions. So, nobody will attack you!
    So, here are the enchantments you should use and, afterwards, an item you should equip for this weapon to work efficiently: Echo, Void Strike and Committed.

  • Death Cap Mushrooms

    These are a must. They will increase your attack and movement speed. Great for becoming a true ninja with this build.

  • Soul Bow

    For the bow, it doesn’t really matter. You can take this one, or get a different one, it won’t change that much.

What matters most is if you have the Anima Conduit enchantment on it. So, you could extract a lot of souls from the enemies.

And, with all this equipment, you will become a rolling master that can’t be touched!

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