Honkai: Star Rail – Memory of Chaos 11 & 12 Guide | Tips & Tricks

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Honkai: Star Rail - Memory of Chaos 11 & 12 Guide | Tips & Tricks

Honkai: Star Rail opened up Memory of Chaos Stage 11 and 12 for those who’ve been asking for harder challenges. Your skills are truly challenged in these stages where you’re forced to plan even more meticulously.

We’re going to be frank right off the bat: these are hardcore stages. You will min and max your characters a lot to make the best of every turn.

If you’re someone who dump a bit of your salary into the banners, these rounds might be a bit easier for you. Let’s go.

How To Beat Memory of Chaos 11 & 12 Guide

The problem with Memory of Chaos 11 and 12 is that similar to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss, the more meta characters you have the better.

And with each season, these endgame stages tend to favor towards the newest released characters.

So currently, you have a high chance of clearing if you have: Ruan Mei, Imbibitor Lunae, Lucha/Blade combo, and Jingliu. But don’t stress if you don’t have these characters.

Honkai: Star Rail - Memory of Chaos 11 & 12 Guide | Tips & Tricks

Memory of Chaos for this season is Enigma in Deep Space (XI): After an ally Breaks enemies’ Weaknesses or attacks Weakness Broken enemies, add 1 Hit(s) Per Action to Memory Turbulence, up to 10 extra hits.

At the start of every cycle, every hit will deal DMG based on the enemy targets’ respective Max HP to random enemy targets 1 time.

So, the key to this round is making sure the enemies Weakness Broken as early as possible. This is also a key playstyle in most Memory of Chaos in the past, but you need to capitalize on this even more for these rounds.

Memory of Chaos Stage 11

Below is just a sample of team composition that finished the round. This does not mean nothing else works, so keep reading!

Imbibitor Lunae is well-known for his insane damage output. A well-built Imbibitor Lunae with another Erudition, lightning-type character should help you clear the first stage here. The rundown for the first stage’s team is as below:

  • DPS: Jing Yuan or Kafka are the next best two characters to use here. They might not be able to clear as fast as Imbibitor Lunae. But at least with Jing Yuan, his singular follow-up at 10 stacks if there’s only Gepard left should be enough. If you don’t have the five-stars, don’t worry – Serval can be the answer depending on how well-built your other characters are!
  • Support: Luocha is undeniably one of the best healers in the game, followed by Bailu. Subbing them with someone else will be sub-optimal due to the Imaginary Weakness needed here unless you have Imbibitor Lunae. Otherwise, any other healer you have that is well-built with enough survivability will work.
  • DPS/Support: Ruan Mei clearly dominates the Memory of Chaos this season because of her ability to buff Break Efficiency. Don’t sleep on Tingyun with her hypercarry abilities!

For the second stage, unfortunately, you cannot have a lot of room to work with here:

  • DPS: Bring out your ice DPS here, whether that’s Jingliu or Yanqing. Your second best DPS should be fire character like Himeko. Or if you’re one of those people, an endgame E6 Asta.
  • Support: Fu Xuan is enough to keep the team alive in this stage. If not her, again, just about any healer will do, or Gepard with fast ultimate rotation.
  • DPS/Support: Pela is a great DEF shredder and an additional Weakness Breaker character.

To explain, the second round’s waves contain a lot of enemies with very specific weakness. There might be unique situations you can work with here, for example using fully-built Ruan Mei with Xueyi. Xueyi is the only universal character who can melt any toughness with her ultimate.

That said, you’re going to need perfect rotation that keeps Xueyi’s ability and ultimate up. On top of that, you need her fully built.

Memory of Chaos Stage 12

Another example of great teams for the Stage 12 clear.

Again, Imbibitor Lunae is going to shine for this floor. Couple him with Blade and then add Luocha as the sustainer with one more DPS support like Ruan Mei.

The second round is filled with enemies of ice-weakness, but don’t forget about the summons. The Sting summons smaller stings with Quantum-weakness, so Seele or Xueyi will do well here.

First stage:

  • DPS: Imbibitor Lunae and Blade are perfect for this round. There’s currently no character that can sub both of these characters. Dan Heng or Sampo Koski might come close, the first with raw damage, the latter with Weakness Break. Welt might also work well depending on how well-built he is. Sushang can also be your other DPS in the team if you have only Imbibitor Lunae or only Blade.
  • Support: Luocha. If not him, Huohuo will also do good here. Aside from her? Use whatever healer you have in your team.
  • DPS/Support: Bronya, the support we all love from day 1. Bronya can be paired well with Sushang. Alternatively, Ruan Mei is also a great choice, but you might want to see her in the second stage instead.

For the second stage:

  • DPS: Quantum first, ice second. Seele, Xueyi, and funny enough, Qingque are your best bet, rated by performance. Even though the stage indicates ice, the rundown reveals that they all have quantum weakness as well and the summon from The Sting only have quantum-weakness. Bring along Jingliu or Yanqing as well.
  • Support: Huohuo or Luocha. If you don’t have them, use your next best healer/sustainer like Gepard.
  • DPS/Support: If you didn’t have an ice character, Pela might be a must here. Ruan Mei, again, would be the best choice here.

And those are all the tips we can give you here. Of course, you’re going to have to optimize your every move to finish the rounds within time. If these teams aren’t working, remember that there are still things you can do:

  • Leveling up characters and lightcones
  • Completing the Traces
  • Grinding for artifacts

Hopefully this will help you clear the Memory of Chaos Stage 11 and 12 in Honkai: Star Rail. Good luck!

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