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Shoot some candy!

Toys in Adopt Me have always been very strong. Since most of them have unique abilities and features going for them, their value is higher than pets by average. The Candy Cannon is a prime example, as it shoots infinite amount of candy, and the candy, if consumed, will make the players run faster! Today, this item isn’t available anymore, through ordinary means of acquiring. To get it, one must trade.

Adopt Me: The Value of Candy Cannon

The Candy Cannon is worth at least one NFR Shadow Dragon and a NFR Frost Dragon. There have been reports of players getting even more valuable trades, but this seems most consistent of all.

Even back in the day, this item was worth quite a lot. In consequence, many players didn’t even bother to get it, which meant that only a handful of players truly got to experience the power of the Candy Cannon.

The speed boosts will last until the player restarts the game, or logs out of the game. Maybe that is why this toy is worth that much.

All in all, a great item to have a hold of, and trade.

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