How to Beat Toxin Sans Guide in Undertale Last Reset

This is a tough fight for anyone!

How To Beat Toxin Sans Guide In Undertale Last Reset

Sometimes you just hit a wall when playing a video game, be it because of some annoying puzzle or difficult boss.

The latter can be especially annoying with how progression usually works in games, you either grind and try again or mix up strategies. In Undertale Last Reset, a lot of players have trouble beating Toxin Sans in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can beat this enemy in Undertale Last Reset. We’ll go through some possible weapons and armor that will help you out a lot. Now, let’s see what we’ll need!

How to Beat Toxin Sans Guide

A lot of players are having trouble fighting this boss and it usually comes down to not having the right gear.

There are a couple of pieces of gear that can massively help you in this fight, and you’ll need these bonuses. From increased dodges to just better weapons, you’ll need to know what to use!

Gear Requirements

Here is the gear that you’ll need for this guide:

  • Weapon: Kris’s Blade or Real Bone Sword
  • Armor: Real Sans Power
Undertale Last Reset Toxin Sans

Real Bone Sword & Real Sans Power

You have a choice of either the Kris’s Blade or Real Bone Sword for your weapon. The latter can be great at this point in the game so it’s best to get it when you can.

The Real Sans Power is a must since it gives you a whopping 50 dodges. Not only that, but you also get the Blaster Projectile which makes it easy to do damage while dodging.

Undertale Last Reset Real Sans

To get the Real Sans Power and Real Bone Sword, you’ll need to fight Real Sans and the drop rate of both items is quite low.

It’s well worth it though since it’ll make the fight against Toxin Sans way easier. If you get the sword, it has amazing damage and can summon a slash every 20 seconds.

The toughest part of this fight is the gargantuan 500 dodges the boss has. So, you’ll be there for a while!

Toxin Sans

Now that you have a good weapon and great armor to go along with it all, you need to do is fight Toxin Sans.

Like other fights, it’s simple on paper and hard on execution. You’ll need to dodge all his attacks and attack him at the same time.

Undertale Last Reset Toxin Sans Defeat

My tip for you is to not be greedy and focus on dodging the attacks. You’ll have plenty of time to attack yourself so focus on surviving.

The enemy has multiple stages, and, on each stage, they’ll teleport to another side of the room and attack you.

Undertale Last Reset Toxin Sans Last Stage

You’ll know you’re on the last stage when Toxin Sans’ health counts as “???” that means you’ll just need to survive.

Don’t even bother attacking the boss, just focus on surviving since you’re on the last stretch of the fight. After a couple of minutes in the last phase, the boss will die automatically.

That’s how you can beat Toxin Sans in Undertale: Last Reset. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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