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How to Evolve Roselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

What do you need to do to evolve Rosalia in Rosarade?

Evolution is a fundamental part of Pokemon, whether it’s by leveling up, trading with friends, or applying one of the many Evolution Stones you can find in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, like the Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, and Dawn Stone. Evolving more monsters from the older generations is something that Pokemon Generation 4 has made possible. It is no surprise Rosarаdе is one of the new Pokémon added to Diamond and Pearl, which evolves from the Pokemon Roselia. Here’s what you need to do to evolve Rosalia in Rosarade.

What Do You Need To Do To Evolve Rosalia in Rosarade?

It’s basically very simple to evolve Rosalia in Roserade. Everything you need and its necessary, to do this is Shiny Stone. Basically, just as you need, for example, a Waterstone for Eve to evolve in Vaporeon or a Thunderbolt for Pikachu to evolve in Raichu, so you need a Shining Stone for Rosalia to evolve in Rosarade.

Here’s a way to find Shiny Stone. You can safely find the stone when you arrive in the Iron Islands a secondary story area where you can battle Team Galactic with the Lucario trainer Riley.

As you make your way through the abandoned mine on the Iron Islands with Riley, there’s an item Pokeball to your right when you reach the exit to the mine. Grab it for a free Shiny Stone.

You can practically find this stone on the ground as long as you carefully research the terrain in which you are.

Once you have the Shiny Stone go to your bag and find it. Click on it and select the “Use this item” option, then click on Rosalia and it will be compatible for this, then Rosalia evolves into Rosarade.

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