Azariel The Sunbringer Location – V Rising

Where can you find the Sunbringer?

V Rising is a multiplayer survival RPG that puts you into a thematic vampire experience. You will face multiple bosses in the game. This guide will show you where you can find Azriel the Sunbringer in V Rising. 

Azariel the Sunbringer Location – V Rising

Azariel the Sunbringer is one of the enemies you can track in V Rising. Before you look for him, you should have Holy Resistance Flasks ready. You can unlock the recipe for this item by defeating the Wildred the Werewolf chief boss first. 

You will need 4 Spectral Dust and 1 Holy Resistance potion to craft the Holy Resistance Flask. Once you have a few flasks ready, go to the blood altar. Use the blood altar to track Azariel the Sunbringer. 

Go to the Brighthaven Cathedral as shown in the map above to find Azariel the Sunbringer. Azariel is a mage that can cast multiple projectiles so you need to keep moving around in the boss area to avoid them. 

He will also spawn minions so be careful when fighting him. After defeating him, you will unlock the Gold Ingot item and the Power Surge skill.  

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