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Resident Evil Village: How to Combine Mechanical Part Shaft

A hammer? Really?

On top of the main story puzzles in the game, Resident Evil Village has its fair share of side puzzles, that players can do while completing the main story. These puzzles come in all shapes and forms, but one type of puzzles is very challenging for players. This is the treasure puzzles. Treasure items that are found in RE8 can be combined into one item, mostly for the part treasures. A prime example is the mechanical part Shaft, and today, we will show you how to combine it!

How to Combine Mechanical Part Shaft – Resident Evil Village

To combine this part, another will be needed, and that is the Mechanical Cylinder Part. Below, you can find the locations of these items, as well as how to combine them.

Combining them will create the Heisenberg hammer.

Mechanical Part Cylinder Location

For the Cylinder, players will need to go to Heisenberg’s factory at B4, west of the Engine Room in the factory. More specifically, here:

On the wall with the huge ‘X’ on it, place a bomb or a mine, then shoot the bomb. The wall will explode, and inside, you will find the Cylinder mechanical part in the case on the right.

Mechanical Part Shaft Location

The second item, the Shaft, can be found in Heisenberg’s Quarters. To get inside that room, you will need the Heisenberg key. The correct location is shown on the image below:

There will be enemies in the Heisenberg’s Quarters, so be ready for that. Inside, take the Mechanical Part Shaft from the case in the middle of the room.

Combining the Shaft & Cylinder

After that, you can combine the two items.

Open your items’ menu, and navigate through the tabs, until you get to Treasure. Simply click on one of the two parts, then ‘Combine’ and OK.

You will obtain the Heisenberg Hammer which cannot be equipped by the player, but it’s worth a lot.

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