Nobody The Turnaround: How To Rent Apartment & Enter Your New Home

Too close to home ain’t it?

Nobody the Turnaround is a life simulator where you have to focus on managing your time and resources as you try to live in this modern world that is similar to ours. It features a glimpse of the life of the “nobodies” of society. What the developers call people who are actually doing the living in this world. You get to interact with other characters, follow a story and overall just try to live. In this guide we’ll show you how to rent an apartment in the game, something a lot of us can relate to today.

How To Rent Apartment & Enter Your New Home In Nobody The Turnaround

At one point in the game, more specifically when you have 19 days remaining, you’ll get a call from your sister. You’ll then need to find a place to stay, and there’s only a few choices you can get in the game.

Source: HTF Games Studio – YouTube

Once the call is over you’ll notice that in the map there’s new “Rent Home” areas there, to actually rent a home you first need to go to the shop called “Honest.” There you can choose what kind of home you want to rent and this will effect where the actual home is.

Source: HTF Games Studio – YouTube

From left to right the home to the left is the Simple Apartment. Then the Lousy Apartment on the center, and finally the Premium Apartment at the right side of the map.

Source: HTF Games Studio – YouTube

Once you get your new apartment you can then go there and go inside. The apartment will have no electricity once you get there and you need to actually deposit money to pay the bills.

Source: HTF Games Studio – YouTube

Congratulations you now know how to rent an apartment in Nobody The Turnaround, now go out there and pick what you want in the game. Many thanks to HTF Games Studio for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: How to Rent Apartment and Enter your New Home | Nobody the Turnaround Guide – YouTube

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