Nobody The Turnaround Review: Is This The Best Life Simulator Game?

It’s like the depressed Stardew Valley!

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A life simulator, Nobody – The Turnaround takes place in a parallel universe that is a reflection of contemporary society. Take charge of your time and resources, do your best to discover a means to get through challenging times, and don’t give up on finding a solution to the problem you find yourself in.

This gloomy and gray game is filled with life and has very mixed reviews and ratings. This review will be giving it a thorough and in-depth look about what are the good and the bad sides of things of it. Then in the end we shall let you know if you should give it a try and our overall rating. Let’s get started.

Is This The Best Life Simulator Game? – Nobody The Turnaround Review

This is an Early-Acces game that has a big fan base and a very divided community. The main reason behind that is that some people do not realize that this is a life simulator game. So if things might go slower than usual, it is because that is the whole set for it.

So before deciding whether this game is for you or not, know that this is a SIMULATION type of game. The big reason behind those low-rated reviews is that some gamers do not realize this. With that being said, this game has a lot of good things, but also some issues that need fixing.


What is the good of this depressing and agonizing world setting?

Visuals & World

The art style and visuals are very gray and gloomy. This is a route that the devs chose very bravely to do since it might resent and send off so many newcomers to this type of game.

But when you know about the whole premise of things in Nobody The Turnaround you will quickly fall in love with the visuals and the world. You are a sad and lonely character that needs to do everything possible just to survive, but on top of all that, to make enough money to save his sister.

You will be going through all the classes of the modern-day world. Everything from collecting trash in outside containers, to seeing extremely rich people and possibly getting to work for them.


The ambiance of the background noise representing a huge crowded city is simply amazing. Wherever you will go, you will get a different sound setting that will suit and immerse you in the overall feeling of things.

The voice acting sounds good even if you cannot understand what the people might be actually saying. The music choices are also very good.

Story & Setting

Basically, you will have a goal that you will need to set out to do. This is to achieve a set sum of cash, in the beginning, it will be 10k. This money you will need to achieve in any way shape or form and however, you manage to make it.

The game doesn’t help you out at all providing you with a very amazing route of freedom but also difficulty. You will be doing a whole list of daily job activities that will earn you that much-needed cash so that your sister doesn’t get taken away.


The best way how we can describe the gameplay of Nobody The Turnaround is depressing but not hopeless. It is a gameplay that might be stressful for some players but for some, it will be a lot of fun.

You will be going through a lot of jobs and activities to be able to get some cash. They might be somewhat linear and boring if you do them after a long time, but we are thinking that is the whole purpose to represent the daily life struggle that each person might be going through.

Customization & Progress

As you play more of this game, you will become better and better. With time you will be unlocking certain sets of things and actually feel you become richer and a much more happy character than what you started out with.

You can see and track everything that you have done in the game as well as how much you have unlocked with the skill point system.

Game Modes & Activities

You will be going through so many activities while playing Nobody The Turnaround. The Game Modes are an absolute blast and we are so happy that there is a Sandbox mode available.

This means that you can do everything to help out your sister, but you can gradually be playing with your character to see him become better and better with time and hopefully in the end he won’t be a depressed and poor person on the sidewalks.

Random daily activities might be happening left or right while you’re going on your daily activities which add to the overall chemistry of the game.


Although it is a very fun and unique experience, this game is in Early Access and does have its fair share of issues. Let’s see a couple of them.


Although you will be doing the same things to represent and get a slice of the life on the other side of things, in a video game this might come as a burden, and sometimes you’ll really feel the grind.

There is absolutely too much grind in everything that you will do. If you wanted to get away from things and actually experience a world that will be fun, although the setting is dark, we think that it could have been made in a different manner than what it is.

You will be repeating the same job cycles over and over again and if you want to sometimes venture and try something new, you will quickly find out that you’ll be basically doing the same grind yet again.

In-Game Prices

Everything inside the game is very overpriced. This might add to the overall difficulty of the game, but seeing how much wage you are making and sometimes even feeding your character won’t be enough to satisfy it.

This might raise the difficulty of things much more making you try to branch out and find different jobs, but overall you will feel like all the items are very overpriced on purpose and don’t come naturally in the world setting where your character is placed.

Choices Don’t Matter

In a game like this, giving players choices and then making them worse is probably the worst thing you can do. In this game, it is the career paths that are meaningless.

Players have gone and finished the game multiple times, continued to work their poor characters to death to get the top jobs feasible, and in the end, the same thing happens- failure. Even creating as many “great” choices as possible didn’t make a difference in the end.

No Tutorials

Having no tutorial in a game like this might seem like a very good choice to go for, which we can firmly agree with. But when it comes to not showing the gameplay elements and controls, it is simply a pain to understand on your own.

There are so many jobs and minigames that you can do that have absolutely no explanation on how to do them. You will be left out with YouTube or guides to be figuring out how to play them.

Nobody The Turnaround Review

David Mickov

Visuals & World Setting
Story & Progress


This is still an Early Access game that has a lot of good things going for it. For example, no player has even come across a bug. That needs to say something about the devs and their care of attention. Despite that, there are issues that Nobody The Turnaround needs to get fixed but we are more than sure that they will be in the future.
Overall, Nobody The Turnaround is a very fun and one-of-a-kind life simulator game that you probably have never ever experienced before. It is still a simulator so keep that in mind when deciding to play it. There are some very big issues that need fixing, like the grind, but you will surely have a lot of fun despite that. We do recommend trying it out as it is, but also you might wait until it gets further polishing.


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