How to Leave PS5 Party & Voice Chat

Stuck with your buddies in a voice chat? There is an easy way to leave.

If you just spent some time talking with your friends on the PS5 or PS4 and got into a random game of Call Of Duty: Warzone, you might be wondering why nobody is hearing you every time you tell them that you’ve been downed. Don’t worry, your microphone is not broken (probably…), you might have just forgotten to leave your Party or Voice Chat on, with this easy guide, you can get out of there and start talking with people in whatever game you might be playing.

How To Leave Party & Voice Chat – PS5

There are two different ways that you can access the voice chat that you’re in at the moment:

  • Press the PS button on the controller two times;
  • Hit the PS button and then navigate to ‘Game Base‘, which is located on the menu at the bottom. Then, go to the voice chat you’re in, and click ‘View Voice Chat’.

Once you find yourself in the Voice Chat menu, search for the door with an arrow pointing towards it that says “Leave Voice Chat”, click that icon and boom, you’re out of the chat.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Now, if you want to leave a Party, not just the Voice Chat, you have to follow the steps above again but with some of the instructions changed:

  1. Click the PS button on your controller.

  2. Select “Game Base”.

  3. Click on the Party you want to exit.

  4. Go to “More” where the three dots are.

  5. Select “Leave”.

If you also find yourself in your Party Messages and want to leave your Party, you don’t have to follow all these steps. Just select “••• More” while you’re in there and click the “Leave” button.

I hope this succinct guide was easy and useful enough for you. The more easy problems we solve you, the better we sleep at night.

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