How to Mute Voice Chat in Hood Outlaws & Legends

Oops… Muted.

There is no getting around it. Hood Outlaws and Legends is a very competitive game, and like any other competitive game, strategy and team play are of utmost importance. With that said, squads are usually efficient with voice chat. However, sometimes voice chats might be more counter intuitive. Today, we will show you how to mute voice chat in Hood Outlaws & Legends!

How to Mute Voice Chat

Players that want to mute the voice chat, need to hit the menu key bind, and then navigate to Audio. From there, find Voice Chat, and set it to Off. You can also disable the Push To Talk function the same way.

There is also a feature which will let players mute certain players. The options are as follows: mute all, except team, except friends, and none.

This is a great way to mute certain players, but still use the voice chat with other players.

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