Hood Outlaws & Legends: How to Unlock Legendary Outfits

Change appearance with outfits in Outlaws & Legends.

Hood Outlaws & Legends just came out, and the game is vast. There are four main characters in the game, and for each, there is a legendary outfit or skin that players can unlock. But how to unlock these legendary outfits? Well, we were surprised to see that it is actually very easy. Most players will unlock these just by playing the game.

How to Unlock Legendary Outfits

To unlock legendary outfits in Hood Outlaws & Legends, players will need to open the Challenges & Collectibles menu. From there, navigate to Collectibles, and then Legends. You can open each character, and see what requirements are needed to unlock the outfit. Usually, you will need to win 35 matches with a character to unlock the legendary outfit!

For now, this is the only way to unlock legendary outfits, and there are only so few for each character. In the future though, there might be a lot more outfits being added to the game.

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