How To Obtain Reaper Chara Scythe Guide in Undertale: Universal Massacre

From recipe to the Void Shard.

How To Obtain Reaper Chara Scythe Guide in Undertale: Universal Massacre

We’ve done several guide for the quirky Undertale: Universal Massacre and we’ll talk about Reaper Chara Scythe. This is a weapon that you can craft in the game, but the steps you need to take to make one can be very confusing. Fortunately, we’ve got your back and will guide you through every step.

How To Obtain Reaper Chara Scythe

Reaper Chara Scythe can only be crafted if you have the recipe and the materials. All of these take time to grind out, so we’ll also show you the fastest way to do them.

To get the Reaper Chara Scythe, you need

  • Recipe (drops from Reaper Sans)
  • 7.5m Gold
  • 100 Love
  • 10 Timelines
  • Scythe (AU Trials)
  • Death Robe (drops from Reaper Sans)
  • Determination Lv. 2
  • 35 Adamantite (drops from Reaper Sans)
  • 65 Obsidian (drops from Reaper Sans)
  • 1 Void Shard (drops from Gaster)

Grinding Reaper Sans (Recipe, Scythe, Death Robe, Adamantite, Obsidian)

A quick scan of the recipe shows that the majority of stuff here can be grinded out of Reaper Sans. So key to make the grind fast is to learn how to beat Reaper Sans effeciently.

Reaper Sans for materials and recipe.

Reaper Sans is a classic enemy in the game, and you might have beaten him a couple of times. But a quick tip if you find him challenging is to use Insanity, Cursed Jacket, and Perseverance. The R Hero can also help with tackling him.

You’ll also be spending most of your time grinding him for the Obsidian and Adamantite. You’re more likely to have all the Scythe and Death Robe while doing that.

Determination (Lv. 2)

Determination has been updated recently in the game. It’s now a lot more challenging to do as you’re constantly bombarbed with projectiles in the map. Keep moving in a circular motion within the map to reduces the chances of the projectiles hitting you.

There’s really no straight-up tricks to complete this flawlessly. You have less than 1 second to react before the projectiles are shot which is near impossible to do. But it’s doable!

We’ve also covered other Souls in this comprehensive Soul guide, and we urge you to check that out as well.

Gold Grinding

To grind for gold, you can pretty much do any of the stages, but the Storyshift Sans is the fastest. The fast turnover and the easiness of the stage will make this more of a breeze.

Grind Storyshift Sans for gold.

Void Shard (Gaster)

To get the Void Shard, you have to kill Gaster for a 50% chance of getting it. If you don’t already know, Gaster is located behind the Underswap Sans. There’s a section of the wall in the corner that you can go through to fight Gaster.

Where to find Gaster to get Void Shard.

And with all that collected, you can then craft the Reaper Chara Scythe in Undertale: Universal Massacre. If you’ve been struggling, we have a guide to help you find specific materials in the game, we’ve got them covered as well!


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