How To Record Gameplay With VOICE On PS5 | Add Commentary

Get those highlight moments with a bit more personality!

Recording gameplay without a voiceover is like eating without bread. It’s good, but not everyone likes it. Ok, that might have been a bad comparison, but you get the idea! Watching videos without audio from the player can sometimes be bland and easy to miss. So to make a good commentary video or a fun highlight with a lot of screaming, you’ll need to record with your voice as well. Here is exactly how you can use your mic while recording!

How To Record Gameplay With VOICE – PS5 Guide

We will first go into how to enable your voice for the recording and then also how to record, if you’re not sure how to do that as well!

Make sure your microphone is plugged in the PS5 and that your headphones are on, because you’ll get feedback from the game.

So, here is how you turn on your mic while recording:

  1. Hold the Share button that’s next to the to D-Pad, the one that is circled in the picture below:

  2. A screen will appear that will let you to either take a screenshot or record what’s happening. Go to the right and select the “Capture Options” button that’s at the end.

  3. You will now see the option for recording and taking screenshots. To have your mic active while you record, have the “Include Your Mic’s Audio” option turned on.

Once that is done, you will be able to record your gameplay while using the mic. To start the recording, just select the “Start New Recording” option in the previous menu.

You can also just save previous clips that you have as you’re playing, since you can save clips from up to an hour back.

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