How to Request Full Refund on PS4 GAMES & DLCs

How to refund your money?

The Refund process is different in every store, regardless if you are returning the game or other stuff. This is a challenging option to find on PlayStation. You will have 14 days from purchase to request a refund. If you start downloading the game, you will be unable to refund it. Stick with our guide, and we will show you how to Refund your money on PS4 games and DLCs Fully.

PS4 GAMES & DLCs – How to Request Full Refund

The first thing to do is to go on the Sony official website and click the Support menu. Then, on the button on the screen, you will have the PlayStation Online Assistant. You will click on that and select Refund Eligibility. Then the chatbot will ask you if you are the owner of the account that has been charged, and you will reply with yes.

Then, you will choose to Return a game or add-on. By choosing that, you will select why you would like a Refund. You will be redirected to a live agent if the support agent is available. If you are requesting a Refund outside of operating hours, you will wait to be provided with a Support ID and contact the agent during business hours.

Once you’ve connected with the live agent, the agent will hear your request out live and decide if you are eligible for a PlayStation refund. The agent will also ask you for your Support ID, so write it somewhere.

This process is the same for PS4 and PS5 through the web browser. The fastest way to do this is by opening the browser through a PC.

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